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Then Auld Lang Syne began and everyone swung linked hands in unison to the music.

"It's a dream of mine," says Arthur, "that we might be a force for peace sometime. It may not happen overnight, but I'm sure it will come."

"Sounds pretty corroborative," said Bond. "Somehow one can see the picture. One of those highly strung nervous chaps with the usual German chip on the shoulder. What does Val-lance think?"

'I know what every engineering business in the area does. Have to. Tried to sell them some hand riveters last year. They make metal furniture. Pretty good stuff. The Swiss railways take some of it, and the airlines.'

"I work for the Government," said Bond. "They want to stop this diamond smuggling."

The dim yellow bulbs in the ceiling flickered by overhead. Still the tunnel stretched on. Behind him, Honey stumbled. Bond stopped, cursing himself for not having thought of her. She reached for him and for a moment she leaned against him panting. "I'm sorry, James. It's just that…"