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"Is that so?" said Major Smythe thoughtfully. He examined the back of Oberhauser's head, now beaded with sweat. After all, he was only a bloody kraut, or at any rate of that ilk. What would one more or less matter? It was all going to be as easy as falling off a log. The only thing that worried Major Smythe was getting the bloody stuff down the mountain. He decided that he would somehow sling the bars across his back. After all, he could slide it most of the way in its ammunition box or whatnot.

The thin man said curtly, "No dice, friend. You heard the lady. The motel's closed. We'll give you a hand changing the wheel and you can be on your way."

Early in March it was arranged, to her great joy, that before the close of the month she might expect to be back in Batala again, living there with Mr. and Mrs. Beutel. When the time came, the roads being especially bad with the heavy rains, Miss Tucker performed her journey from Amritsar to Batala in what she called 鈥榓 most luxurious conveyance,鈥攖he big, heavy Government dak gari,[64] in which one can recline at ease, as if in a bed.鈥 The twenty-four miles鈥 drive proved, however, to be not altogether luxurious; for on the worst and roughest part of the road the whole gari went over on its side,鈥斺€榦ne big wheel aloft, another big wheel below.鈥 Miss Tucker being entirely unhurt, thought mainly of the safety of her desks and of her 鈥榙ear travelling clock.鈥 She found them, to her great relief, 鈥榪uite serene,鈥 as serene as she was herself in her 鈥榝unny position,鈥欌

“Yes, but Ormond, though a good-natured fellow, is quite unfit for his profession.”

Bond wandered off down the corridor to his own office. By tonight that girl would have made a fortune, been paid her thirty pieces of silver a thousandfold. Perhaps the money would change her character, bring her happiness. She would be able to afford the best beauty specialists, the best clothes, a pretty flat. But M. had said he was now going to hot up the Purple Cipher Operation, try a more dangerous level of deception. This would be dicey work. One false step, one incautious lie, an ascertainable falsehood in a message, and the KGB would smell a rat. Once more, and they would know they were being hoaxed and probably had been ignominiously hoaxed for three years. Such a shameful revelation would bring quick revenge. It would be assumed that Maria Freudenstein had been acting as a double agent, working for the British as well as the Russians. She would inevitably and quickly be liquidated-perhaps with the cyanide pistol Bond had been reading about only the day before.


It was a wonderfully fine thing to have that lofty castle to myself, and to feel, when I shut my outer door, like Robinson Crusoe, when he had got into his fortification, and pulled his ladder up after him. It was a wonderfully fine thing to walk about town with the key of my house in my pocket, and to know that I could ask any fellow to come home, and make quite sure of its being inconvenient to nobody, if it were not so to me. It was a wonderfully fine thing to let myself in and out, and to come and go without a word to anyone, and to ring Mrs. Crupp up, gasping, from the depths of the earth, when I wanted her - and when she was disposed to come. All this, I say, was wonderfully fine; but I must say, too, that there were times when it was very dreary.