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Not surprisingly, body language plays a huge part inthis game, and even less surprisingly, so does eye contact.

There were two ways of playing the rest of the game, by lying low and waiting for something to happen-or by forcing the pace so that something had to happen.

His headache was still sitting over his right eye as if it had been nailed there. He opened one of the drawers of his desk and took out a bottle of Phensic. He considered asking his secretary for a glass of water, but he disliked being cossetted. With distaste he crunched two tablets between his teeth and swallowed down the harsh powder.

"Oh." She looked at him sharply. "They told me your line was stealing." She paused. "Hot blood or cold blood?"

'Of course. I shall enjoy tossing him a scrap or two of fish in exchange for the pleasure he has given me in his other incarnation.'

And, he wondered, going back into top and listening with satisfaction to the relaxed thunder of the exhaust, and what about Drax? What sort of a reception was Drax going to give him this evening? According to M., when his name had been suggested over the telephone, Drax had paused for a moment and then said, "Oh yes. I know the fellow. Didn't know he was mixed up in that racket. I'd be interested to have another look at him. Send him along. I'll expect him in time for dinner." Then he had rung off.

'MISTER, Flying Control is buzzing us. Wants to know who we are. They say this is restricted air.'

'Hawker!' Bond stopped in his tracks. He looked round. Goldfinger and his caddie were fifty yards away, walking slowly towards the green. Bond said fiercely, 'Do you swear to that? How can you be sure?'